Digital recruiting events made easy

Market and manage your virtual recruiting events with the most efficient solution out there. It even has a built-in Event CRM to do the heavy lifting that keeps you connected to your leads.

“We've seen a 70% increase in prospect volume, in just two months.”

Casey Miller
Director of People and Talent, Apex Service Partners

48-hour turnkey implementation
Automated campaigns, pre-screens & scheduling
Measure event metrics that matter

Get your virtual events up and running… virtually overnight

Powerful, resourceful and affordable, our solution pairs perfectly with your organization’s video communications app. You'll be live in 48 hours or less. Plus, our team sets you up for success by building your initial email and landing page templates. How convenient is that?

Reclaim hours every day with automation

Replace those tedious – but critical – manual steps required to run an event. Do it all with automated pre-screening, scheduling and communications. And let automated nurture campaigns, with their built-in Event CRM, turn attendees into engaged leads, and leads into hires.

Easily understand what's working and what's not

When should you begin marketing your virtual event to hit attendance targets? Which campaigns convert the most RSVPs? Who’s in your event talent pool? Find detailed metrics all in one place to support strategy and demonstrate ROI.

Around 70% of companies say their virtual recruiting is semi-virtual.

Only 10% say it’s fully virtual.

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(Source: Monster 2020 Future of Work Survey)

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